When it comes to pink flamingos, the first thought that comes to mind is my cousin Jane. She’s even got one tattooed on her tush (uh…TMI?…nah.)! As for me? When it comes to the plastic ones…well…they’ve never been my lawn ornament cup of tea.

Several months back, I happened across this garage sale, pool fish spitter – it appealed to me for some reason. Though, we don’t have a pool, I kinda liked its potential irony (fish on grass) and ode to my many years as a swimmer/diver/surfer (and, we live just a walk away from the ocean). Done.

Pool spitting fish before

Pool spitting fish before.

So, after recently installing Krinkles’ “puppy patch” using artificial grass, I thought the area needed a decorative pop and some plastic-pink-flamingo-like whimsy.

Armed with a can of Rust-Oleum “Sienna Mist” and a touch of craft paint, I was able to turn a spitting fish into lawn ornament gold! Meet “Gus” the goldfish!

Rust-Oleum sienna mist spray paint

Rust-Oleum “Sienna Mist spray paint – gives it a real goldfishy hue!

Spraying evenly with sienna mist

Spraying evenly with “Sienna mist”.

Adding the whimsical details using craft paint

Adding the whimsical details using craft paint.

Spitting goldfish lawn ornament after!

Spitting goldfish lawn ornament after!

Spitting fish lawn ornament makeover

Gus meet Krinkles. Krinkles meet Gus.

Goldfish lawn ornament

Goldfish lawn ornament…Krinkles approves!

All photos by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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