As the sun warms the way to summer, many of us are beginning to plan vacations and the routes we’ll take along the way. In honor of this time of year, I thought we’d take a look at how we might celebrate and remember our travels through some creatively designed decor stuff using cartography. Interestingly enough, there exists a love/hate relationship with maps when it comes to using them in the home. For some reason, there are critics who believe they are solely utilitarian and not at all decorative. I tend to disagree, about as much as I do when my husband, Matt refuses to use one for directions! What we do agree upon is their use in the home and how absolutely gorgeous and meaningful they can be when put to use in a tasteful and thoughtful way. Check out these yummy items below…they’re definitely all over the map!

Globe hanging lamps

Globe hanging lamps. Source: TheBloominGranny,

{Globe lamps}: these fun and educational dome lights will charm any room and are perfect hung over a kid’s work space.

Debossed sustainable tung wood world map

Wooden world wall map. Source:

{Wooden world wall map}: the graphic and earthy nature of this debossed (raised carving) world map is abstractly elegant and artful.

Framed map hearts

Framed map hearts. Source:

{Framed map hearts}: capture the heart of the city or country you love (or a vacation or event you want to remember forever) with a map.

Rolled maps accessories

Rolled maps accessories. Source: via

{Rolled maps accessories}: with retro all the rage, rolled cartograms in a glass vase or vessel will add that romance of travels to distance lands.

Map coasters

Map coasters. Source:

{Map coasters}: here’s a great way to toast to your favorite city or cities. Though we mostly GPS everything, those old maps can still be put to good use and take us to great places…no drinking and driving worries here!

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