Door wall art

Door wall art. source:

There is an undeniable mystique when it comes to doors, especially the old and unique ones. Why? I supposes it’s because their inherent purpose has been to keep what’s hidden behind them safe and unseen. Add carved, wooden details, window panes, weathering and interesting hardware and you’ve got yourself a whole lotta character! So, when these following designers and DIYers looked beyond the conventional, they created reused doors that are not only newly functional, they’re quite heavenly knock-outs when it comes to their aesthetics.

 Door Wall Art (top image): Hang one or two doors in their natural woods and/or flakey paint (which adds fantastic texture), or paint them to coordinate with your decor or for an unexpected pop. LOVE this!

Door Entry Bench and Coat Rack: This project requires quite a bit of DIYing, but once completed, you’ve got yourself quite an entry feature.

Door entry bench and coat rack

Door entry bench and coat rack. source:

Sliding Vintage Door: I just LOVE the texture of this installed door…and who doesn’t love a sliding one? This could also be wall art where it moves, but isn’t necessarily functional – just added architectural interest.

Sliding vintage door

Sliding vintage door. source:

Door Shelving: Here is how a paneled door can really come to life. Leaned against a wall, you can place it just about anywhere in your home.

Door shelving

Door shelving. source: TheDoorShelfFactory, etsy

Door Chair: Again, another slightly labor-intensive project, but oh, so sweet and impressive.

Door chair

Door chair. source:

Hanging Door Room Divider: This is a fabulous way to add function and architectural panache to a staircase, or as a divider of two spaces.

Hanging Door Feature and Room Divider

Hanging Door Feature and Room Divider. source:

Coffee Table Door and Planter: Talk about multi-Repurpose! This beauty required just four hairpin legs and a touch of DIY sawing and installing of a planter box. This project is definitely knock’n on heaven’s door! Note: the only thing I’d change is to keep the original hardware for added character.

Coffee table door and succulents pot

Coffee table door and succulents pot. source:

How would you reuse an old door? Do tell!

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