The Karstad Farm

The Karstad Farm…Grandma Maude’s cottage is the little house in the front.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a lookie-loo. Not the obnoxious type who opens up medicine cabinets (yuck…why?) or pokes around closets. I’ve always loved the “bones” of a home – its architectural lines, details and history.

My first memories of experiencing such admiration was when we’d visit my grandmother’s tiny farm cottage (circa early 1900s); it simply oozed with character. After the hello hugs, I’d sneak off to reacquaint myself with all the quirky nooks and crannies and old-world details, like the original turn-of-the-century but updated-to-electric light sconces, the exquisitely vintage, crystal door knobs and those boot-worn, wooden floors. To this day, when I recall the smell of her cool, slightly dank basement, with all its rusty, rotten egg, water well aroma, it still puts a smile on my face (miss you, grandma Maude).

Who knew one could experience such feel-goods by simply snooping around a house? Well, I figured I couldn’t be the only one, so I’ve decided invite all you HomeJellies to slip on your “blue booties” and have a look-see! First stop: a newly built, ultra-modern home, located in Hermosa Beach, California. No need to pull out your smart phone cameras, we’ve got some great ones from photographer Nick Meistrell. Enjoy the virtual plate of cookies and get set to let Dwellingz take you on a home tour to remember!


Ava Avenue's new home

Ava Avenue’s new home.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a custom-built home, just a short walk from one of Southern California’s best beaches, you’ve found the place: 1929 Ava Avenue, Hermosa Beach. Technically, this is a single-level, 4 bedroom, 3 bath spec home, but the attention-to-detail customization of its architectural features and layout, built-in technology, outdoor-accessible living, and the fine finishes and fixtures is enough to impress any high-end, glossy magazine designer.

After hiring architect, Stanley Anderson and builder, TR Farnham, brokers and property developers, Mark Leddy and Omar Awadallah were more than excited to get their creative hands on this project. Omar mentions, “We even did an ‘about face’ with this home’s entryway and exterior that gives an awesome first-impression with inlaid mahogany siding accent walls and white smooth stucco.

Not only does it have a new street address, it now offers owners a back deck spectacular view of Hermosa’s Greenbelt.” Indeed, a very mindful turn-around change with easy access to this dog and jog-friendly woodchip walkway that allows you to travel by foot just about anywhere you wish to go in the city.

Doing-the-dishes view

Doing-the-dishes view.

The living space

The living space…and what a space to live!

All photos (except top farm house photo) by, photographer Nick Meistrell

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