Reclaimed window coffee table

Reclaimed window coffee table. source: OhGloryVintage, etsy

I’ve always loved the quote Marie says in The Sound of Music: “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.” Today’s blog made me think of these words of faith and thought it was quite relevant to the wonderful repurposing and reclaimed window ideas below.

It’s also encouraging in that when we allow ourselves to see the possibilities of what things that are broken, old, or seemingly of no use can be, something new can emerge…a window is opened, if you will. And in today’s case, that’s quite literal.

Reclaimed window coffee table (top photo): a salvaged window from a mid 1900s Virginia home finds itself reborn into this characteristic coffee table. Placed over a frame of 2x6s and  filled with unfinished rough-cut cedar, this decor piece will definitely be a conversation piece as well.

Repurposed window chalkboard wall

Repurposed window chalkboard wall. source:

Repurposed windows chalkboard wall: I just love, looove this idea, where reclaimed windows are repurposed into a unified wall, where panes are painted with chalkboard paint and then used to display notes and descriptions of items in the space. Clearly clever.

Repurposed windows outdoor room

Repurposed windows outdoor room. source:

Repurposed windows outdoor room: though this is a bit more ambitious, the idea is strong and beautiful. I venture to suggest that this same room could be created with a less permanent roof (possibly tented with canvas or sheer fabric?) and the windows could even be attached to an already existing patio arbor.

Repurposed windows kitchen island

Repurposed windows kitchen island. source:

Repurposed windows kitchen island: there’s no denying this island’s charm and character. The extra credit here is its environmental kindness by way of the reclaimed windows doing their part to please mother and mother nature.

Repurposed storm windows-mini green house

Repurposed storm windows-mini green house. source:

Repurposed storm windows-mini green house (or bunny rabbit home!): not all windows have the appeal of wood framing like the ones shown above. Still, these utilitarian storm windows have found another purpose in life by allowing light (and heat) to shine in on your more delicate plants and flowers. Now that’s opening a window!

Which one of these ideas is your favorite? How have you repurposed or reclaimed windows in your home?

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