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Robot bookends

Robot bookends. source:

Robot bookends: whimsical and functional, you can add this to your living space for that quirky touch every room should have. Price: $36.95, available at Royal Appointments.

Robot kitchen towel

Robot kitchen towel. source:

Robot kitchen towels: add retro and industrial pizazz to your kitchen. You can also repurpose these into fun curtains or wall art. Price: $15, available for purchase online at Little Lark.

Robot light switch and outlet cover

Robot light switch and outlet cover. source: SSKDesigns, etsy

Robot light switch & outlet cover: get into the details with these clever covers. Price: $22 for both, available on SSKDesigns etsy shop.

Robot plant holder

Robot plant holder. source:

Robot planter holder: for inside or out, your friends will be impressed by this techno-friendly and repurposeful planter. Price: $84.99, click on our HomeJelly Amazon shop to buy.

Robot clock

Robot clock. source:

Robot clock: 3D and American-made, this cute cousin of C3PO will always be there to tell you the time. Price: $48, available on modern moose.

Robot dresser

Robot dresser. source:

Robot dresser: turn a plain, simple dresser into something spectacular like this robot dressed up dresser. Inspirational idea from apartment therapy.

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