Repurposed ladders water wheel in Manhattan Beach

Repurposed ladders water wheel in Manhattan Beach’s “Sculpture Garden”.

I love unexpected art. More so, I love when it pops up in unexpected places. Enter the Not A Step piece by Christian Tedeschi, a new installation located in Manhattan Beach’s “Sculpture Garden”. It is made up of 13 repurposed A-frame wooden ladders, paint splotches and all. It took me a second to  see that, in fact, these were just the kind of ladders my mom has in her garage (which I’ve recently condemned as a DIY hazard – hmm…I think I smell an upcoming project!).

Repurposed water wheel up close

Repurposed water wheel up close. See the paint splotches?

The art shown in this garden is meant to inspire and encourage thought-provoking conversation amongst the community. I love this poem Tedeshi wrote that expresses why he does what he does:

I believe in art that one trips over,
Tumbles blindly,
Down several flights of stairs
To land on their own two feet.
Virtually unscathed.

Repurposed ladders water wheel art installation

Repurposed ladders water wheel art installation.

If you’re nearby, take a moment to walk through this unique “Sculpture Garden” at Manhattan Beach’s Civic Plaza.

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All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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