Clumps of trees indicate the farmhouses

Clumps of trees indicate the farmhouses…ours is the one way back in the middle of this photo.

Oh, the farm. It’s such a place of peace and tranquility, and…

fabulous repurposed garden ideas!

Yes, just last week, I visited our 5th generation Minnesota farm, now owned by my cousin Ole and his wife, Diane, for a four day family reunion.

Yes. Four days…and it was fantastic!

Gravel road to the farm

Gravel road to the farm.

As we drove up the dirt ‘n gravel driveway, lush and manicured lawns greeted us, along with old growth white and Norway pine trees – their height and denseness provide protection from strong farmland winds, and yet, they sway in the summer breeze like they haven’t a care in the world.

I took a lesson from those arboreal giants that day and let all mine go as well.


Hopping out of the car, I began taking a closer look. I spied some fabulous garden decor and knew I’d have to share these sweet ‘n inspired-from-the-farm ideas with y’all.

Vintage wagon planter

Vintage wagon planter.

 I just loved this cute ol’ wagon that has patinated so beautifully in the Minnesota weather. Look for one in your area at garage sales, flea markets or from a friend or family member. Leave it outside filled with your favorite blooms and enjoy its quaintness!

Dusk over the repurposed garden

Dusk over the repurposed garden.

Cast iron head board makes for a charming trellis

Cast iron head board makes for a charming trellis. More blooms to come!

Antique enamelware water basins are wonderful garden decor items that add varying height and dimension in a flowerbed. A cast iron head board makes for a charming and functional trellis.

Antique water pitcher vase

Antique water pitcher vase.

Repurposed garden decor doesn’t have to be complicated. Set by a doorway or at the bottom of some steps, this’ll charm the socks off the most sternest of farmers (or city folk).

Ruler hat 'n coat rack

Ruler hat ‘n coat rack = post farming functional decor.

Ruler hat rack close-up

Ruler hat rack close-up.

Okay, so this isn’t necessarily garden decor, but, it’s certainly a post-farming functional hat ‘n coat rack that’s measuring up to repurposing fabulousness! Disclosure: this is actually a regular hat and coat rack with two rulers loosely placed on top to add a snazzy look. Talk about useful – even the rulers can be used! 

Canoe planter

Repurposed canoe planter.

As we were traveling from the farm to the Cities, we came across this li’l gem I couldn’t pass up – well…almost. My Cousin Tom slowed the car enough for me to take this photo out the window. Still, I could SO see this dry-docked canoe in our backyard filled with all kinds of flowers or even a yummy “floating” herb garden.

Planting Aunt Mim's tree

Planting our farm’s Sesquicentennial and Aunt Mim’s tree.

Aunt Mim's tree

Aunt Mim’s tree.

As a side note and special addition to this post, I thought I’d share a very meaningful event we all participated in during this visit to Minnesota. In celebration of the 150th year of our farm (wow!), we planted this northern red oak tree and dedicated it to our Aunt Mim.

She’s home now, and is so missed. On the bright side, it’ll be wonderful to see it grow with each visit and to remember her strong, strong spirit.

Yep. She’ll give this oak tree even MORE strength!

We love you Mimmie-Mouse.


I just loveloveLOVE it when a reader is inspired by one of my posts – especially when it’s someone I know! Look how my long-time friend and diving teammate, Britt Williams Willard, repurposed a vintage wagon into a lovely, moveable garden bed!

Brill Williams Willard

Britt Williams Willard writes on her Facebook page, “This one is for you Skaie Knox. Thx for the inspiration!” No, Britt…thank YOU for reading my blog and creating something fabulous. It means a lot, my friend! source: Britt Williams Willard via

All photography (except noted) by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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