Inspired by last week’s post “Extremely Palatable Pallets“, HomeJelly contributor, Bridget Johnson took on this DIY challenge and ended up making her own version of a posh pallet table inside her own garage. Armed with a hammer, electric hand sander, paint, and a can of wood wax (she uses Briwax), the result is this wonderfully hand-made coffee table full of character and “Yeah-I-did-it-myself!”satisfaction.

Step 1: I found these pallets from behind stores where they are often in trash bins. Other places you can find pallets are at box stores, grocery stores, and/or warehouse clubs. Note: I always ask if this is okay if someone is around, which we also recommend when “dumpster diving” for skids.

Step 2: Next I extracted the nails to separate the boards. A light sanding took off the rough edges to prepare it for the artfully placed paint.

Step 3: Using the original frame of the pallet, I re-constructed the table by hammering each loose board back into place using the nails I had just pulled out.

Step 4:  I then screwed in short table legs into the underneath corners of the pallet frame.

Step 5: I made sure to paint only select boards and lightly on the legs, then slightly sanded these areas to create an aged and fun “industrial” look.

Step 6: The waxing finished off the wood in a way that brought out the natural grain color and left it very smooth and nice to the touch. Tip: If any of the board pieces have old printing, leave them exposed as a way to show-off its original purpose and history.

Have you made any fantastically “repurPoshed” projects! If so, go ahead and send photos to: [email protected]. We’d love to show them off!!!

All photos courtesy of Bridget Johnson.

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