If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between vintage and antique, here’s the low-down: antiques are typically 100 years or older, whereas vintage items can be from virtually any decade, usually depicting a specific style from a specific era (i.e. a mid-century sofa, or even those 80’s fabric-covered wraparound couches). Though there have been some serious design “misses” through the years, and aside from the larger furniture pieces, there are those home goods nick-knacks our parents bought, that still give us the “warm fuzzies”. There should always be a little of that goodness when decorating our homes, so today I’m introducing a new feature called “Vintage Digs”, with some fun decor ideas to pique your curio-curiosity.

For all you shutter-bugs, pay homage to yourself with this vintage “Brownie” camera. It would look fabulous on a bookshelf or desk. Photo: thehoosiercollector,

Really reaching back to the kid in you, this wonderful wooden “Bearbear” will have you longing for your blankie. Place on a side-table, bookshelf or in your child’s room to bring it full-circle. Photo:

Vintage books and animal prints warm any nook or cranny of your home. Photo: Skaie Knox

Perfect for those high above the cabinet spaces in your kitchen, these fun, nostalgic wooden boxes are great conversation pieces. Photo:

Though these vintage kitchen tools may still be workable, they also look fantastic displayed on a shelf, inside a glass cabinet, or even hung on the wall. Photo:

Display some architectural history with these large sign letters. Great on a mantel, on the floor next to a fire place (but not too close!), in an office, or hung in a grouping of photos. Choose your family’s initials for a personal touch. Photo: Raul Candales,

Candle sticks and bowls your grandparents may have used, add a touch of class and time-honoring elegance to any table. Fill with flowers and lighted candles to bring them new life. Photo:

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