When I was 11 years old, my mom and two brothers and I moved to a small but budding town in south Orange County, and into what I viewed was a palace of a home. It wasn’t the big backyard, the four sizable bedrooms, or the long stairway that lead up to “my” very first second-story. Nope. It was the fact that we finally had a bonafide laundry room!

I’m not quite sure why I went so ga-ga over such a utilitarian space…well, that is until now. I must have imagined its potential, like these beauties below. See how they might actually make this weekly, and for some, daily chore much, more pleasant. With just a little paint, wall decor, accessories and “electronic bling”, you, too can feel the lush-joy of this small area in your home. Hey mom, is it wash day yet?

{Watermelon Washroom}: Since this is usually an area of your home where guests don’t see, go all out with color. Photo:

{Soap & Soaps}: Don’t miss your favorite soap operas…install a wall-mounted tv to wash and watch away! Photo:

{Sparkle Laundromat}: Who wouldn’t feel like a queen (or king) in this room? Details like the chandy, zebra-striped rug, and colorful paint ‘n tile make washing something quite regal. Photo: Elizabeth Edwards via

{Dog Wash, too}: Keeping it smart and multi-functional, this custom add-on wash room washes more than clothes. With a dog bath, and hand-held sprayer, Fido can do the “rinse cycle”, too. Photo: Smith & Vansant Architects PC via

{Chrom-o-mat}: Talk about clean and keeping clean…with chrome backsplash and stainless steel cabinets and accents, this sleek and sanitary station will keep your laundering looking spiffy. Photo:

{Suds & Stripes}: Cream and mint painted stripes create a vintage-looking laundry room, which is then “moderned-up” with this cool graphic ironing board cover and matching baskets. Photo: Casa Greer via

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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