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Vintage mannequin

Vintage mannequin. source:

Vintage mannequin: Invite this lovely lady into your home as a fun decor item or jewelry holder. Available for $45 on

Audubon school theater seats

Audubon school theater seats. source:

Audubon school theater seats: These classic seats would be an interesting addition to any entryway, office, or anywhere you need added sitting space. These were grabbed up quick at for $100 (included three seats) – click in to see what they have now.

Vintage dart board

Vintage dart board. source: AUseableRiverTrader, etsy

Vintage dart board wall

Vintage dart board wall. source:

Dart board: Talk about hip and cool! Start your collection with this fun target dart board for just $17 at AusableRiverTrader, etsy.

Goodyear Hi Way Patrol Columbia 1950s bicycle

Goodyear Hi Way Patrol Columbia 1950s bicycle. source: TheOldTimeJunkShop, etsy


Bicycle+Storage+bike+hung+wall. source:

1950s Goodyear Bike: Whether you ride it or not, bicycles make fabulously quirky wall decor. The Goodyear bike above goes for $200 at TheOldTimeJunkShop on etsy.

Telephone/Gumball machine

Telephone/Gumball machine. source:

Telephone/Gumball machine: Talk about multi-purpose! Your kids will ditch their cell phones for this working landline and gumball dispenser. Starting bid is $20…get into the game at

Which one of these quirky pieces would you buy?

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