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I asked my husband, “Why must men have a ‘man cave’?” He simple replied, “Because we need a place just for us, where we can put whatever we want in it, do what we want, and not worry about how it looks.” Okay, makes sense, but, what about we women?  Now, I’m not a mom, but the concept of “mom cave” is just the same for we non-moms (we can call it a “woman’s retreat”): a space where women can also have some space of our own.

Here are some basic essentials to creating a “mom cave”:

1. All Yours: choose a room or space in your home to “carve out” just for you. It could be as big as a basement area, or as small as a closet or “nook”, as long as it’s yours.

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2. Make It Yours: Feel free to paint or wallpaper it pink, or yellow, with polka dots or flowers or anything your feminine heart desires.

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3. Add Personal Accessories: such as beautiful window coverings, glass vases with fresh flowers, patterned/textured pillows, photos or paintings that personally inspire or move you, trinkets or souvenirs from traveling, items from your youth (sports memorabilia, high school or college photos, family pictures, etc.).

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4. Furnish Your Space: include a chair, chaise, desk, and/or table for reading, crafts, painting, scrap booking, music, etc.

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5. Make it Functional: aside from the mental and spiritual space this room can provide, it can also be a place to get things done! Without kids or husbands underfoot, this room should liberate your ability to do whatever you wish to do.  Whether it’s paying bills, catching a catnap, or connecting back to your love of water coloring, your “mom cave” should be that refuge and solitary space.

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Author’s Space: Speaking of functionality, I thought I’d give you a peak at a photo of my own woman’s retreat,  what I refer to as my “rock-room”!

My inspirational wall is just that…inspirational, and with guitar and piano just an arm’s length away, I’m free to create at a moment’s notice. It’s aaahhhlll mine.

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Written By Skaie Knox

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