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I know we are not alone on this issue. When it comes to designing a bedroom, (or any room for that matter), the age-old argument of what’s too manly or to girlie can drive a couple to separate rooms! Nah, not really. But this can be point of contention in any relationship and a bit of a challenge.

In my humble and ever-evolving design opinion, if there’s any room in the house suitable for a touch of softness, it’s the bedroom. After all, it often the main space where twosomes find respite and connection. Personally, I love the idea of creating a romantic space; one where Matt and I can enjoy Saturday morning snuggles with each other and Klunkers. Ah…there’s nothing like those sacred moments.

As I mentioned on my New Year’s do-it-myself project docket, I’ve decided to rework our bedroom decor, (wall color included).  I would like to ask you, yes, YOU, our HomeJellies, for your opinions and thoughts. Below, I’ve placed some potential color schemes, as well as some inspirational bedroom designs.

I’m waaaaaaay at the beginning of this journey, so I’m quite receptive to ideas, ideas, and ideas (did I mention I’m open to your ideas?). Grab a cup of tea with me and let’s have a look-see.

Color Ideas…

As you’ll notice, I’m leaning in the direction of feminine pallete-wise; however, interestingly enough, my typical go-to is to add edgy and masculine-esque elements (including paint and fabric choices). I really do have to work at keeping it girlie…what do you think about these? Which is your favorite collection of colors?

#1: Nature Hues


Nature Hues. source:

#2: Petaled Tints

Petaled tints

Petaled tints. source:

#3: Frosted Brights

Frosted Brights

Frosted Brights. source:

Quilt’n it…

I really have fallen in love with quilts. They’re perfect for our California weather which never really gets that cold (sorry Minnesota family!). I’m currently on the hunt for two fabrics that will complement my color scheme, but…first things, first; I’ve got to decide on one.

Once that’s chosen, I have learned that it is vital to start with fabrics when decorating, or, in this case, redecorating a room. It’s quite difficult to have a paint color and then try to match it with textiles. Believe me, it was a pain when it came to my writing room.

Until then, I’ll continue to look. For now, this is sort of the feel of fabrics I’m liking (for now), though, I’m guessing I’ll go with something darker (ugh! There’s that fem/masc push and pull thing again…help!).

Striped Mandala duvet

Striped Mandala duvet. source:

Inspirational rooms…

It can be very difficult thinking outside the box, when, well…I’m actually designing for a box. Fortunately, I’m pretty confident in what I like; I’m partial to a mix between bohemian and Scandinavian styles. The one thing I want to try this time around, is to keep the colors to three to four, and maybe even just only three predominant hues. Below, I’ve included what feels good to me. Please cast your vote (which number room) and/or opinions in the comments…I would really enjoy hearing what ya think!

#1: BohoScandi Modern

Boho modern bedroom

BohoScandi modern bedroom. source:

#2: Blue Calm

Blue calm bedroom

Blue calm bedroom. source:

#3: Boho Romantic

Boho romantic bedroom

Boho romantic bedroom. source:

#4: Relaxed…

Relaxed bedroom

Relaxed bedroom. source:

#5: Boho Retro

Bohemian Retro bedroom

Bohemian Retro bedroom. source:

Which room do you prefer?

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