“My clients at the Lexington Avenue home were returning clients and they have a very modern aesthetic,” explains Jennifer Agus of Agus Interiors. “The homeowner supplied me with several tear sheets from magazines and websites to serve as a great starting point…even fabric from one of her favorite skirts!”

Incorporating a client’s wishes can be difficult. Combining warmth with modern touches is no easy feat, as in today’s home decor industry, most modern pieces are bright in color, highly-structured in texture and unsuitable for those seeking a cozy experience.

Modern warmth living room

Modern warmth living room.

The Lexington Avenue owners wanted to incorporate smoldering hues from gray, blue, black and white. Agus had to arduously work to push her client’s aesthetic in new directions. From there, they reinterpreted the color inspiration for accent walls in the living room using a decorative painter with the wall fading out to black.

Modern warth silk and skirt

Modern warmth silk and skirt pillows.

Additionally, they used an incredible silk rug in the living from from Fort Street Studio, furniture by Minotti and pillows made with fabric from the owner’s favorite skirt.

Modern warmth bedroom

Modern warmth bedroom.

The master bedroom is a continuation of the gray and purple – has an amazing Duxiana bed and headboard incorporated into a custom bed for maximum comfort and style.

Modern warmth office

Modern warmth office.

The office has morphed into the music room with a growing collection of instruments offsetting the two-toned desks and a column featuring treasured family photos from prior generations.

All photos courtesy of Agus Interiors.

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