Coastal "Twinkle" starfish bedroom wall art

Coastal “Twinkle” starfish bedroom wall art. Source:

As the breeze begins to warm, and the days stretch longer into the afternoon, a longing for a closer connection with the ocean and its natural elements starts to emerge. Perhaps, it’s due to years of experiencing that “school’s out for summer” joyous feeling and the subsequent and seemingly endless hours of beach “hangs” with friends. Either which way, there’s an ease to the seaside life that is relaxing and welcoming, the type of vibe many of us desire to feel at home. Here, then are some great ways for us (inlanders included!) to infuse a bit of coastal chic into our decor…how cool.

Coastal sunroom

Coastal sunroom. Source:

{Coastal sunroom}: cool colors and loads of throw pillows keep things comfy. The crab trap adds a pinch of ocean whimsy.

Coastal tableware

Coastal tableware. Source: a

{Coastal tableware}: this table is keeping it simple and understated with vintage style glasses and jars filled with citrus and sprigs of herbs.

Coastal kitchen with copper light fixtures

Coastal kitchen. Source:

{Coastal kitchen}: natural earth tones against clean white is what coastal chic is all about. The wow! in this room shows up in the copper pendant lights.

Coastal entrance with starfish gate

Coastal entrance. Source: Skaie Knox,

{Coastal entrance}: just a hop, skip, and a jump from the beach, this entrance greets us with a star fish gate, an oar house number plaque, and lots of California florals and greenery.

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