“Funktional” furniture, a union of funky and functional design, is the perfect decor marriage with very little risk of a breakup. Following many designers’ adage that a room should always contain some element of humor and practicality, the following pieces certainly say, “Check!”

Equilibrium Graphite bookcase

Equilibrium Graphite bookcase. Source:

Equilibrium Graphite bookcase: designed by the quirky-minded Alejandro Gomez Stubbs, this defying-gravity book box cabinet definitely screams Funktional!

Grey Brick sofa

Brick sofa. Source:

Brick sofa: architecturally inspired, this stack of layered pillows is a decor invitation to have a relax…luckily the cushions are attached via fiber concrete buttons that will definitely curtail potential fights.

Emerson Et Cie armchair

Emerson Et Cie armchair. Source:

Emerson Et Cie armchair: handmade, durable, and wow! The jewel-inspired frame definitely reads quirky-chic, and its comfy, coziness is perfect for a good sit and chat with friends.

Tree trunk table

Tree trunk table. Source:

Tree trunk table: MTH Woodworks knows how to integrate green with groovy, all the while keeping in mind someone’s gotta use their furniture. This piece will not only hold your glass, it’ll start a conversation.

Favorite things pendant lamp

Favorite things pendant lamp. Source:

Favorite things pendant lamp: fill a light with anything you wish…except gold fish! Here, your personal style (and things) will be lit up along with the room it graces.

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