Tucked back into the gentle rolling hills of Ladera Ranch lies a warm, shabby-chic-esque two-story home, decorated by the woman of the house, Bridget Johnson. With a could-be-professional-chef husband and a tween and new teen, this creative mom out-does herself when it comes to “haunting it up”. “Halloween is my favorite holiday,” says Bridget. “I’m not sure why, but, I think it’s because it brings out the kid in me and it’s just so fun to decorate and make every room feel special.” True-boo, that. No need to scrape your feet at the door just yet; part 1 of this home tour begins outside, before you even get the chance to enter…if you dare.

Once hanging coconut skulls are now spooky-funky headstones to properly greet guests as they enter the bat-lined pathway.

Create a “trick or treaters stop” where you can sit, pass out sweets and enjoy the fun of watching passersby and visiting candy seekers.

Front windows make a perfect focal point and placing jack-o-lanterns adds to the spookiness.

Porch vignettes are charming, especially when you decorate with an “editing eye”. “Pick your favorite things, then play with it,” advises Bridget. ‘If one item looks out of place or doesn’t work for you, just keep trying.” Her old-world, vintage approach helps to bring character and a cohesive design.

Sometimes less is more. Perched upon a lantern with faux barbed wire sits a lone black bird…exquisitely eerie.

This front door vignette is here all year long. No need to change or move it…embellish it with holiday accessories and lighting. The door decor is simple yet hauntingly charming. Now, are you brave enough to knock?

Stay tuned, lookie-loos! Next week we’ll be creaking open the door to go inside…

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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