Plastic bottles are upcycled into sun tube sky lights

Plastic bottles are upcycled into sun tube sky lights. source:

Here in California, skylights are found in many homes, cleverly taking advantage of the year-round sunshine, and thus reaping the green benefits of saving energy and money. It’s just plain good sense! Still, they’re usually regarded as a bit fancy and certainly a sort of higher-end, non-essential feature. Who knew the opposite would be true half a world away?

In today’s inspirational video, you’ll see just how necessary and life changing a simple “piece of the sun” can be to citizens of the Philippines who lack the access to windows or even light itself due to overcrowded and too-close-for-comfort living quarters. With some simple tools, sealant, and used plastic bottles, an innovative individual dubbed “Solar Demi” is giving renewed meaning to “let there be light”.

Video and thumbnail photo:

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