Leather strap hanging mirror - horizontal blurred mirror

This leather strapped hanging mirror brings dimension and DIY interest to any wall.

Scandinavian design is timeless and, at least in my household, often regarded as the fairest in the land. Clean, crisp lines, natural materials and a style sensibility that is all things calm and welcoming make these attributes the inspiration for today’s home decor DIY project.

With just a few easily begotten goods and supplies (and just one power tool!), you’ll have this project done in just about an hour or so. The result is a decorative accent with simple, functional elegance perfect for adorning any wall as a solo piece or alongside a collection of artwork or photographs. 

Talk about a mirror, mirror!


¾” x 10” wooden circle clock plaque 

P240 Sandpaper + sanding block

copper metallic paint


½” wood screws (gold or copper color)

contact adhesive 

Straight edge

leather shears

3.5mm thick, ¾” wide, 34” long leather strapping

Phillips screwdriver and drill + 5/64 bit

10” bevelled mirror 

Optional: crafting turntable 


Click here for FULL how-to instructions, along with additional tips in our article on today’s sponsor’s blog: Universal Furniture‘s Explore Home. 



Leather strap hanging mirror - angle portrait mirror on left

Create a sweet Scandinavian-inspired ensemble pairing your DIY’d hanging mirror with artwork and decorative accents.

Leather strap hanging mirror - close-up portrait

Leather strap hanging mirror close-up shows off all your DIY savvy!

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