DIY Sea Glass bottles, votives and vases - angled

Bring the colors of the ocean into your home.

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Sea glass is such a mystical element of the sea and can be found in a vast array of coastal colors – aqua blue, seafoam green, clear and frosty white (let’s just pretend “beer-bottle brown” doesn’t exist, shall we?). Ironically, this ocean gem is initially a man-made source, but when trashed into the ocean (or when there are ship wrecks), the tidal waters and waves tumble bottles, jars and other glass containers against the sand, breaking them into little soft-edged pieces of heaven.

Today’s simple sea glass-inspired craft project shows you how to DIY recycled, found or store-bought glass items into decorative sea glass bottles, votives and vases…oh my! You’ll capture both the wabi-sabi-ness of naturally distressed glass as well as the beautiful colors of the coast.  Add sand, pebbles, candles and/or greenery to bring an air of the ocean to your home’s decor. 

If you’re looking to infuse larger pieces of coastal style furniture into your interior spaces, check out today’s sponsor, Universal Furniture’s Escape-Coastal Living Home collectionnatural woods and materials are blended with breezy-feeling textiles and colors. Now, on to crafting!


uniquely shaped glass bottles, votives and vases*

Mod Podge Matte

food coloring

dish soap (i.e. Dawn)

foam paint brushes

frosted finishing spray


Click here for FULL how-to instructionsalong with additional tips in our article on today’s sponsor’s blog: Universal Furniture‘s Explore Home. 




DIY Sea Glass bottles, votives and vases - horizontal

You can easily DIY recycled, found or store-bought glass into these fantastic-looking sea glass bottles, votives and vases!

DIY Sea Glass bottles, votives and vases closeup horizontal

Add your own decorative touches to your DIY Sea Glass bottles, votives and vases like flowers, grasses, (faux) shells, candles, pebbles and sand.

DIY Sea Glass bottles, votives and vases- closer-up

It’s amazing that just a little Mod Podge, food coloring and dish soap can create such beautiful results!

DIY Sea Glass bottles, votives and vases - top view

These coastal collection of reimagined DIY Sea Glass bottles, votives and vases can add a touch of the sea to your decor and they’re also great host/hostess, birthday, wedding and anniversary gifts!

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*To be ecologically mindful, opt for purchasing cruelty-free starfish and shells, for decorations. They look fantastic and allow sea creatures to remain in their natural habitats.

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