I’m a huge fan of Real Simple magazine and whilst I was waiting for my doctor’s appointment today, I happened across a very cool product called “tile tattoos” from’re not only fun, funky, and colorful, they’re also affordable (keep in mind, when considering your budget, the difference between a new tile install and these tattoos costing approximately $2.33 each). Best of all, they’re temporary (requires no glues, just water to apply) and a great way to give new life to your bathroom or kitchen tiles with very little commitment.  Try a section and see if the price is worth going “all the way” with this reno-alternative product.

Styles range from modern, country chic, traditional, to retro, and come in 4.25 inch squares,  6 inch squares, or 6 x 3 inch rectangles (for subway tiles).  They can be cut to create all kinds of patterns and designs and are priced quite reasonably from $16-$18 for a set of 6.  Watch the video below with installation tips from and rock out those tiles.  Note:  Google “tile tattoos” for all kinds of styles.

1. Spray water on pre-cleaned, smooth tiles.
2. Remove Tile Tattoo backing and spray Tile Tattoo with water.
3. Place and press Tile Tattoo on the tile.
4. Smooth Tile Tattoo onto tile surface and push out any water bubbles with a credit card.

Tile Tattoo Installation Tips

* Don’t try to cover every tile: Create a simple pattern by adding Tile Tattoos to a handful of strategic tiles (as    shown in video).
* Use Tile Tattoos that complement your existing décor: Try taupe or black and white designs in a room already full of print, pattern, or other colors. Tile Tattoos with a clear backing are perfect for color tiles.
* Make sure tile surface is clean and smooth before application: It’s best to fully clean tiles with your cleanser of choice as well as scrape off any specks of paint or other surface bumps.
* Don’t use abrasives to clean the Tile Tattoos: Although the Tile Tattoos are fully water- proof, it’s best not to scrub the surface as it might scratch.
* Remember the Tile Tattoos are completely waterproof so don’t be afraid to put them inside showers or on backsplashes directly behind kitchen sinks.

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