Upon entering my friend Bridget’s guest room last month, I found myself amazed at a feature wall she had created from the art of her two kids.  I was amazed at how complex and quite beautiful it read, and upon closer observation, noticed that she had added an unexpected yet simple twist: amongst the kid crafts, she mixed in a few contemporary pop art pieces to blend the styles into one cohesive silly-sophisticated gallery. Read on to see three fantastic ideas to feature your children’s creative works, where the name of the game is “frame it to fame it”.

#1 Kid/Pop Art Combo Gallery

The key to maintaining order is to map out how you’d like to place each piece. Read our blog here for how-to ideas, “Organizing Picture Walls Puts Me In a New York Frame of Mind”.

#2.  Kid’s Collage Gallery

So often we don’t have the time to buy a frame for each of the many projects our kids bring home.  What’s fantastic about this “gallery” is, you can create one for each child, at the end of each school semester or year.  Here’s a cool kid/parent project: have your child choose 5+ of their favorite pieces, then you can choose another 5+, place them creatively in a frame under glass, and wha-la!

#3 Framed Wallpaper Art Gallery

Keeping with the silly-sophisticated feel, this wonderfully whimsical wallpaper allows the Picasso in your child to express her/himself at any inspirational moment’s notice.  Created by The Land of Nod, owned by Crate & Barrel and CB2, your child(ren)’s art will always be framed, displayed, and ever-growing. Wallpaper photos courtesy of

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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