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[Enter: long trumpeters] Da-da-da-daaaaa! Announcing the launch of my very first home decor ebook, Project Pillow! Together with my sweet, farm-girl mom, Lois, we wrote this virtual guide with the intention of making it absolutely doable to create designer pillows at home and with the easiest and no-nonsense how-to, step-by-step, photo tutorials possible. In fact, my goal was to try and photograph each project and process so that you would need to read as little as possible. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

The Basics:

We can all benefit from brushing up on techniques such as…

• fabric knowledge

• fabric choices

• threads

• zippers

Threads-types and uses

Threads-types and uses.


It’s so fun to create custom and unique designs with stitches like these…

• the running stitch

• the whip stitch

• the zigzag stitch

• the blanket stitch

• the French knot

Making a blanket stitch…so easy!

Making a blanket stitch…so easy!

Decorative Detailing:

You can easily learn to take your pillows from homemade to designer with these detailing techniques…

• sewing on a button

• creating a custom appliqué

• sewing on a zipper (the super-duper easy way!)

• tufting a pillow

• how to make cording

• using VELCRO Brand products (for fast-crafting your cushions!)

Tufting steps

Tufting steps.

Pillow Designs:

Applying all the knowledge we’ve learned now, we will apply it to 5 real world, pillow-making extravaganzas!

1. Tufted Pillow

2. Whoopee Cushion

3. Two Pattern Corded Pocket Pillow

4. Repurposed Sweater Pillow

5. Upcycled Beach Towel Patio Pillow

The Whoopee Cushion-front and back

The Whoopee Cushion-front and back.

I think you’ll really enjoy this book, or you can choose from one of seven ebooklets if you’re interested in “small bites” learning. Here’s what Shannon Quimby, HGTV alumnus and salvage decorator/designer of reusing, recycling, restyling, renewing says of Project Pillow:

“Recycling at its finest, simple to follow, easy to learn and bright colorful photos that captivate and teach.  It feels like my mom is right next to me, sharing her creativity, talent and patience of the art of sewing.” –Shannon Quimby


Project Pillow: $9.99

…OR purchase one of 7 ebooklets priced: $2.99-$4.99!

Click on the ebook below for purchasing information:

Project Pillow ebook cover

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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