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Chalk pencils

Chalk pencils. source: rusticcraftdesign, etsy

Chalk pencils are for easy chalkboard writing

Chalk pencils are for easy chalkboard writing. source: rusticcraftdesign, etsy

Chalk Pencil: writes like a pencil for fun chalkboard designs, but takes a damp rag to erase completely…leaving your chalkboards nice and fresh for the next note or sign. You can purchase these little gems for $2.75 a piece at the rustcicraftdesign shop on etsy.

Chalkboard clock

Chalkboard clock. source:

DIY Chalkboard Clock: made from an old pot lid, you can create this fun and easy clock with just a few ingredients supplies. Check out the how-to at

Chalkboard horse place markers

Chalkboard horse place markers. source: HoundstoothDesign, etsy

Chalkboard Horse Place Cards: upcycled home decor is the best! Especially when they honor our animal friends. DIY a plastic horse with chalkboard paint. Idea thanks to HoundstoothDesign’s shop on etsy.

Chalkboard herb stakes

Chalkboard herb stakes. source:

Chalkboard Herb Stakes: so practical and rustic for any garden, indoor or out. These can also double as cheese markers and place cards. How versatile! You can DIY some bought garden markers with chalkboard paint. Idea, thanks to

Chalkboard sticker labels

Chalkboard sticker labels. source:

Chalkboard Sticker Labels: what a perfect way to stay organized and be flexible at the same time. With a set of 22 labels, you can write and erase with a damp rag…even use them for wine glasses at your next cocktail gathering. Price: $11.95 for a variety of 22 labels, available at our HomeJelly amazon shop.

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