Window dressings before. source:

Not unlike science and technology, home decor has made leaps and bounds in its evolution. Okay, the comparison is a bit of a stretch, but, you have to admit, with the plethora of information available to us online and on TV,  for learning and sharing all kinds of ideas, we DIYers have had the fortunate opportunity to matriculate into a virtual school of design. Take today’s “Before & After” post, where design enthusiast Michael of Inspired by Charm, tastefully restyles a bedroom with new window treatments using fabric he found at 50% off. The “After” results are sophisticated and (eh, hem!) charming, all from a DIYer who, as he admits, is a non-master sewer or curtain maker! Bravo! To close, we at homeJelly encourage y’all to stay in “school” and make good grades like this project does…a definite “A”.

Window dressing after. source:

To learn how you can make dressy window dressings like these, visit Inspired by Charm for full how-to.

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