Paper blossom.

paper blossom. source:

About a month ago I watched Between the Folds, a documentary that delves deeply into the history and brilliance of origami. I was amazed at how intricate, sophisticated, and beautiful folded paper can become. A new respect for this medium instantly emerged as well as the question, Hmm…I wonder if paper can be used as a legitimate decorative element in our own homes?” It didn’t take long to learn the answer was Yes! I then discovered another equally fantastic medium: plastic! With the right touch, it can add instant whimsy and personality to any space. Fun! Here, now, are just a smattering of examples that exhibit glimpses of genius…kinda like the paper boat.

Paper blossoms

Delicate paper blossoms look real to the touch. source:

Suspended from the ceiling or tucked into a beautiful vase, these paper blossoms are elegant and would likely fool Mother Nature herself.

Paper 'n plastic plates wall decor

Paper ‘n plastic wall decor. source:

Paper 'n plastic plates wall decor

Paper ‘n plastic plate wall decor, too. source:

You would have never thought paper and plastic plates could look so designery…but they do! The clear plastic discs were added to mimic the party’s bubble theme, while the colors add a playful yet tasteful design that pops.

Spray painted plastic accessories

Spray painted plastic accessories. source:

Plastic kitschy nick-knacks become a legit design element after being spray painted with modern colors. These little darlings would certainly tick the every-room-should-exhibit-a-touch-of-humor box.

Plastic spoon mirror

Plastic spoon mirror. source:

Talk about wow! Hand-painted plastic spoons create this chrysanthemum-like mirror with added ombre coloring. From close-up or far away, this is just fantastic decor.

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Q. How have you decorated using paper or plastic in your home?


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