What came first? The chicken or the egg? Well, in this instance, “Was that our idea or theirs?” On both occasions, we may never know. But, when it comes to DIY…who cares? That’s what’s so fun about Pinterest and sharing/exchanging ideas with like-minded, hands-on creatives!

Still…it does feel pretty great when folks write in to show and tell us how we’ve inspired them to make something they’re really proud of and love to show off to their friends and family. Additionally, there have been projects popping up online that are very similar to ones we have posted in the past, and we only hope we had a small hand in them.

So with that, we thought it would be fun to show you a few examples of how HomeJelly has inspired some pretty great DIY projects from all over the web!

Park Bench Rehab

Here is the one my mom and I worked on together to match her patio cushions…


It was fun to give new life to this worn and weather bench!

Just last week, we received these fantastic before and after photos courtesy of DIYer, Martine Engel (and site manager “Bella J”), “Thanks so much for the detailed description of how to redo a tired park bench. It was a super fun project.” You are quite welcome. Good girl, Bella J!

HomeJelly Reader Bench before and after

HomeJelly Reader Bench before and after. source: Martine Engel

Votive Candle Cupcake Holder

Our fabulous friend, Kristii Krugel, from Habitat For Humanity ReStore Riverside and guest writer for HomeJelly, thought up this fabulously simple repurposing idea to turn a votive holder into a cupcake stand. How simply delicious is this?!?

RePurposed votive holder, now cupcake display

RePurposed votive holder, now cupcake display.

This clever crafter from the shop, ReFindStyle had a great idea to sell her version on Etsy…bravo…it’s sold! I wonder if she delivers cupcakes…uh, yum!

Pink votive candle cupcake stand

Pink votive candle cupcake stand. source: ReFindStyle, etsy

Solar Chandelier

I seriously have to give props to our neighbor down the street for this one…but, when I saw hers, boy I had to make one, too! Soon after, I started seeing these bright beauties all over the place!



I love the elegant version of this solar chandelier, made by DIYer, Kandace of floral + teal. I especially appreciate her crystal embellishments and the smaller size of her solar lights. It’s time to have a backyard party!

Solar light chandelier

Solar light chandelier. source:

If you’ve completed a DIY project that was inspired by us here at HomeJelly, please let us know and send photos to [email protected]. We’d love to feature your work and show more of the world how inspiration can result in beautiful things for our homes!

All photography by Skaie Knox (except otherwise noted), HomeJelly

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