Who doesn’t love the warm-fuzzies of recycling? Especially, when the results are delightfully smart, unique, and in some cases, unforgettable.  Today’s blog illuminates re-uses for tin cans from inside to outside our homes. I’ll bet Cambell’s probably never imagined their product containers would be metamorphosed into these home decor masterpieces…and, oh…how they’re so good for the soul.

Tin Can Kid’s Container: Art supplies are easily organized and within reach. Simply, screw, hot glue, or attach tin cans with magnets to a cookie sheet or bulletin board, and they’re good to go! Photo courtesy of

Clever Culinary Utensil Container: Perfectly themed for any kitchen, these reused cans are fun and functional, and easily mounted with screws onto a cutting board for easy access to kitchen tools. Photo courtesy of

Tin Can Centerpieces: Rustic, reused, and really simple-sweet. It’s amazing how almost free looks so expensive! Photo credit more how-to info.:

Tin Can Walkway/Edging Lanterns: With a quick removal of the label and a tin punch, you’re close to creating something magical. Use initials or numbers for birthday parties or spell out your name to entering guests. It’s all mmm… mmm…good! Photo credit and more how-to info.:

Utilitarian Tin Toothbrush Holder/Soap Dispenser: Designer Jack Bresnahan could not allow these cans to add yet another drop in the bucket of landfills. Instead, he conceptualized something greater for something ordinary to extraordinary. TIP: To prevent rust rings, paint the bottom touching surface with clear nail polish. Photo courtesy of

Tin Can Wallpaper: Well, more like wall-tin…but what an unforgettable affect! This takes recycling to a whole other planet, but goes a long way in communicating how we can save ours. TIP: Create this same feel on a smaller level. Cut out cans and glue them to a cardboard piece and frame it. Photo courtesy of via

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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