Ordinary Steamer Chest = ExtraOrdinary TV Cabinet

Tip: Mount Flat Screen TV Inside Lid

This cool antique steamer chest can be an extraordinary treasure by mounting a flat screen TV in the lid. DVR, cable box, DVD and cables can be stored inside. Perfect for guest rooms, small spaces, and oh, so easy to move!

Ordinary Doors =ExtraOrdinary Sliders

Tip: Hang Using Barn Door Hardware

This extraordinary sliding door is simple to hang over existing closets, doorways, and nooks. Not only does it “moo” character, it’s function is fantastic for tight spaces and as an alternative to the expensive and timely task of framing and hanging a swinging door. ExtraOrdinary photo courtesy of Diane Kolak,

Ordinary Window = ExtraOrdinary Room Divider

Tip: Suspend & Decorate to Divide Two Rooms

With a touch of imagination, an outdated, non-efficient single-pained window can find new life as an extraordinary room divider. Decorate with window decals or use window paint to create a faux stained glass effect for added privacy and pizazz. ExtraOrdinary photo courtesy of Carola Kagemann,

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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