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Recycled children's book garland

Recycled children’s book garland. source: SimpleDevotion, etsy

Recycled children’s book garland: bought or DIY’d this is a delightful way to recycle children’s books to keep or gift a friend or new parent. Price: $15.00 for a 40 inch garland, available at SimpleDevotion‘s shop on etsy.

Whitewash driftwood garland

Whitewash driftwood garland. source:

Whitewash driftwood garland: string or hang vertically these earthy washed up pieces of the ocean. Price: $32.00 for a 72″ length garland. Order online @

Tape Garland

Tape Garland. source:

DIY tape garland: unique colored tapes taped onto card stock, cut, rolled and connected…you’ve got an old-school and charming garland. For the lesson in Dutch, visit

Itty Bitty garland

Itty Bitty garland. source:

Itty Bitty garland: here’s a lilliputian-sized garland to string amongst plants or around your desk to give you a little cheer every day. How-to is available on

Gumball garland

Gumball garland. source:

Gumball garland: a hand drill and a needle point needle to thread the string through each gumball will leave your guest blown away at this whimsical decoration. For more details and other fab party decorating ideas, visit the

4th of July daisy felt Garland

4th of July daisy felt Garland. source:

4th of July daisy felt garland: just in time for this summer’s spectacular holiday, you can start now and create this fun and fabulous ode to Uncle Sam! How-to available at

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