The before and after…the living room hang space

The before and after…the living room hang space.

Picture me running, panting for air, calling upon that last burst of energy as I exhaustedly, yet exhilaratingly break the tape that reads “Makeover Marathon”! Okay, that was a bit dramatic, but really, it was quite the journey.

Not only was it mixed with familial mixed emotions (the funds came courtesy of my father’s will), it also placed my disclaimed, “budding designer” know-how under a blogger’s spotlight that left me at times, uncharacteristically nibbling at my fingernails.

Yes, this journey was not only one I took online and on foot, sourcing and bargain hunting and buying…it was one that tested my resolve to express myself artistically and even expose the underbelly of my self-educated choices. So, with that, I humbly invite you into our newly redesigned, made-over living room space. Now, someone hand me some Vitamin Water!

Makeover Projects List:

Here is a list of the project how-tos…click on the links below to try them at home!

Reclaimed wood industrial shelving

Hand-made pillows with design details and stitching

Peek-a-Boo lampshades

Reclaimed wood custom console table with pin legs

Refurbished cabinet on casters


• (and a little extra space…) Quirky Kitchen Chalkboard Shelving

Living Space Tour

The living room hang space…(top photo)

Hand-made pillows

Hand-made pillow…and others!

The entertainment wall…

The before and after…the entertainment wall

The before and after…the entertainment wall.

Repurposed wood shelving and beauty

Repurposed wood shelving and beauty.

The entryway…

The before and after…the entryway

The before and after…the entryway.

The reclaimed custom console table

The reclaimed custom console table.

The dining area…

The before and after…the dining area

The before and after…the dining area.

Dining room cabinet and vignette

Dining room cabinet and vignette.

The inspiration for the color palette was a basket of yarn I was using to make a new knitted throw…here’s how far it’s come. Now that I’m finished with this space, I might be able to finish the blanket. Klunkers has been quite patient.

Knitting project

Knitting project…Klunkers eagerly awakes a good snuggle under my work-in-progress knitted throw.

Okay…I’m ready. Give it to me straight. I’d love to hear your thoughts (hopefully keeping in mind that I’m still a budding, yet sensitive designer!).

Have you completed any makeovers in your home?

If you have any photos of DIY’d makeovers you’ve completed, please send them in! Email me here: [email protected]. Thanks for stopping by!

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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