chair benches

Chair benches. source:

I’m such a sucker for anything reinvented. Take these benches for example, (which, by the way, I’m also mad over), iconic bun warmers that have been around since trees fell in the forests (well, that’s what I heard). Though utilitarian in nature, they have been newly designed and thoughtfully conceived using reclaimed materials and/or repurposed chairs. The results are delightfully seductive and far higher end than their park bench predecessors. I’d certainly fork over a couple extra bucks to house one of these beauties. Like I said…sucker.

Chair benches (top photo): part of the “Green Ave. Bench Collection”, rescued “throw-away” chairs are put back to work as upcycled bench parts, repurposed into one-of-a-kind furniture that is worthy of an entryway, dining room or romantic outdoor space. For inquiries visit:

Plaid benches

Plaid benches. source:

Plaid benches: designers at Raw Edges thought it might be fun to meld five archetypical benches (nursery, street, classroom, picnic and raw-edge) into something spectacular and new. The different widths of the wooden slats were painted and puzzled back together to form this plaid pattern, mimicking that of a textile.

Color inspiration-a broken necklace

Color inspiration-a broken necklace. source:

Colorful jewel toned bench

Colorful jewel toned bench. source:

Colorful jewel toned bench: inspired by the colored stones of a broken necklace, DIYer Christina and Michael decided to memorialize the jewel piece by painting their custom-built, outdoor bench using up old paint samples from projects past. They certainly made it work.

Park bench rehab: Here’s a fun makeover I did on my mom’s weather-beaten park bench. Click here (or the image) to view the complete how-to.

Painted park bench rehab

Painted park bench rehab. source: HomeJelly

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