Hmm…can’t tell if this garbage gadget is good or garbage. Invented by Jack Talbert, the “Portotrash” is a simple clip-on device that utilizes plastic bags for your DIY debris (or can also be used in the kitchen or crafts table). It looks slick, can hold additional bags inside the device, and is easily removable.

Likes: it’s portability, sleek design, and function.

Dislikes: it’s small size, and mostly, that it promotes the usage of grocery store plastic bags as trash containers which is an environmental no-no. See Wikipedia’s “Environmental concerns” section on plastic shopping bags.

Game changer: include biodegradable bags as part of the product package, or design the Portotrash’s frame to accommodate regular kitchen-tall bags where a consumer can choose to buy green-friendly products to fit.

What do you think? Good or garbage?

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All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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