You know it immediately. When something just works. When you have an instant reaction of…yeah, cool…I totally dig that. Shannon Eileen’s blog “Happiness Is…” did just that. In fact, everyone here at DiggersList felt the “cool-vibe”, so we’ve selected it as our first DiggersList’s “Blogs We Dig”.

Here’s how this weekly column will work: we’ll describe 3 things we like about our featured blog, then let you discover the rest on your own…here we go:

The 3 things we Dig:

1. Art, Music, & Design…

are organically and purposefully intertwined throughout this blog, like this log cabin bathroom with artwork and design by self-taught folk artist Butch Anthony. He hosts an annual Art, Music, and Food festival called “Doo Nanny” (meaning: to improve oneself) on his 40 acre property.

2. Repurpose DIY projects…

that anyone can attempt like this cool upside-down chair shelf!

3. A glimpse into new perspectives

on how we see the ordinary, as in this painting of books on a shelf. The irony being that a three-dimensional object turned two-dimensional helps us appreciate its original three-dimensional form.

BONUS DIG: Shannon is also a singer/songwriter and we very much dig her Lorelei tunes as well. Definitely check out her stuff.

Photo/Artwork courtesy of Butch Anthony, Better Homes and Garden, and Standford Kay, respectively. Click on images for more information.

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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