Mark from Scott Electric checking some of the wiring in the rafters

Mark, from Scott Electric, checking some of the wiring in the rafters.

When I made the decision to makeover my garage workshop, I knew there was something gnawing at that back of my mind…

Is this 1940s garage really safe? I mean…who knows when the landlord last updated the electrical work?

And, yes…our home is a rental, but, since we’ve lived here for 10 years now, we treat it like our own. So, to insure this new and updated space won’t burn down in an electrical fire and have the amperage I’ll need for my new power tools (oh, goodie!), I thought of none other than HomeAdvisor to locate a qualified electrician to take a thorough look-see at our garage.

And as one of their blogger ambassadors, I’ve had the opportunity to really use their website and am thrilled at the results. Just take a look at the job HomeAdvisor pro, All Level Installations did on our wonderful Dutch door. It was cleverly reinvented from a dust-collecting, garage-cluttering old door and all done in one day. Boom!

Finding an Electrician in 7 simple steps:

Step 1: Went to and clicked on ProFinder.

Step 2: Clicked on the category: electrical, telephone & computers

Step 3: Clicked on the subcategory: Electrical Outlets, Panels, Switches & Wiring

Step 4: Clicked on the sub-subcategory: Electrical Wiring or Panel Upgrade

Step 5: I followed the location prompts and checked the appropriate answers

Note: What I like about HomeAdvisor’s steps is that they narrow down my search to exactly what I need, which ultimately saves me a lot of time. So, next…

Step 6:  HomeAdvisor started reaching out to their network of pros, checked their availability, then even initiated a phone call so that I could be reached immediately (or not, if I wanted to wait and check their credentials and reviews first):

Finding eligible pros

Finding eligible pros.

Initiating phone calls

Checking their availability, then Initiating phone calls…so easy!

More pros to contact

The list of pros in my area to contact.

Step 7: I went with HomeAdvisor’s recommendation, Scott Electric who called me within minutes to set up the inspection.

Email confirmation highligting closest pro

That was it!

Within 45 minutes, Mark Levitt was at my home, on a ladder, and letting me know – straight from the hip – what I needed to do (or, rather, my landlord!) to make our garage safe and up to code. He also mentioned that most of the wiring updates were done really well, and that the cost to repair the not-so-well-done electrical seemed quite reasonable.

And, because I was so pleased with his work, I placed his contact information in my “home pros” database – an added benefit to using HomeAdvisor’s find-a-pro service that’s FREE!

Did I mention it’s free?

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Yes, I was sponsored to write this blog, but, if you know me, you’ll also know my opinions are totally my own and I never promote products or services unless I’ve used and totally dig them.

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