Bright and retro-beautiful tile flooring

Bright and retro-beautiful tile flooring. It truly is a feature! source:

If you haven’t already noticed the fantabulous selection of flooring, then, my friend, you might be in for a delightful surprise with today’s post: Floors are the new Feature Walls.


With everything from wood to concrete, clay and brick, you can now say “Wow!” with floors! Here now are a selection of my absolute favorites which have gone to the tippy top of my under-the-feet decor wish-list!

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile flooring with texture. source:

{Textured Ceramic Tile}: The great benefit of ceramic tile floors is that they are created with more texture than ceramic wall tiles to prevent slippage. A great option for bathrooms and mudrooms.

Ceramic hexagon tiles gone wild

Ceramic hexagon tiles gone wild! source:

{Ceramic Hexagon Tile}: Your floors will have personality for days with these lovely ceramic tiles. What’s fabulous about them is the pattern and never-looking-like-anyone-else’s-floors type floors you’ll enjoy for years!


Saltillo, or Mexican clay tile flooring with a Riviera pattern. source:

{Satillo Mexican Clay Tile}: Glazed clay tiles are quite durable and repel water, giving homeowners a unique and rustic look to their spaces.

Lock bounds clay tile give this Craftsman home’s entryway a beautiful patina look. source:

{Lock Bounds Clay Tile}: This fabulously green clay tile give a Craftsman home’s entryway a beautiful patinated look.


Brick patio with herringbone pattern

Brick patio with herringbone pattern. source:

{Herringbone Brick Patio}: Elegance can be had inside and out. These bricks have been strategically placed to elevate this outdoor space.

Brick on the diagonal in a mud room. source:

{Brick on the Diagonal}: It makes sense to have brick in a mudroom, but it can also be placed on the diagonal to make it a feature element of this charming and utilitarian space.


Mermaid cement tile flooring

Mermaid cement tile flooring. source:

{Mermaid Cement Tile}: Because of cement’s versatile material, just about any shape can be created, like this fabulous mermaid-style floor.

Cement tile found in Tel Aviv, Israel

Cement tile found in Tel Aviv, Israel. source: instagrammer, designingatinyempire

{Old-World Cement Tile}: This old-world tile from Tel Aviv, Israel, is now new again with its fabulous color and dramatic graphic design. Great for an entryway or outdoor space.

Carreaux cement tiled bathroom floor. source:

{Carreaux Cement Tile}: Graphic, bold and perfectly placed in this modern-meets vintage bathroom.

Transitional Tile – Hardwood to Cement

Cement to wood, Moroccan fish scale flooring. source:

{Transitional Moroccan Fish Scales}: Looking for a new take on flooring? Try transitional flooring like this fabulous Moroccan fish scale-meets rustic hardwood.

Transitional tile from hardwood to these hexagon cement tiles. source:

{Transitional Hexagon meets Wood}: Transitional tile from hardwood to these hexagon cement tiles makes for a uniquely modern look as well as a smooth transition from one material to the other.


Chaine Homme tile made from recycled materials

Chaine Homme clay tile made from recycled materials. source:

{Chaine Homme Clay Tile}: The beauty of this floor is undeniably stylish, yet subtle. These clay tiles are also earth-mindful, created from bag house dust made from processed gravel.

Trex HGTV dream home-2016, "Spiced Rum", yum

Trex HGTV dream home-2016, “Spiced Rum”, yum! source:

{Trex “Spiced Rum” Composite Decking}: This fabulous decking has the benefit of looking like real wood, and you’ll never have to sand, stain or paint it. It’s also made from a resourceful blend of 95% recycled wood and plastic film and manufactured by way of  reclaiming factory waste and eliminating the use of harmful chemicals. For more information on this eco-friendly outdoor flooring, visit 

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