Stuff. Faux Taxidermy.

Felt Fox

Felt Fox. source: horribleadorables, etsy

Felt Fox: DIY taxidermy. Price: $60. For how-to visit horribleadorables, etsy.

Embroidered English Bull Terrier

Embroidered English Bull Terrier. source:

Embroidered English Bull Terrier, too

Embroidered English Bull Terrier, too. source:

Embroidered English Bull Terrier: DIY taxidermy. For workshop information, visit:

Paper mache Pig

Paper mache Pig. source:

Paper mache Pig: made of paper and hand-painted. Source: (no longer available). There’s a similar one available at

Knitted Russel Terrier

Knitted Russel Terrier. source: sincerelylouise, etsy

Knitted Russel Terrier: hand knitted taxidermy. Price: $193, available at sincerelylouise’s shop on etsy.

Penny Horse

Penny Horse. source:

Penny Horse: made from thousands of train flattened pennies, then hand-drilled and applied with copper nails and marine-grade adhesive. Contact artist to commission at

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