For some, choosing what kind of faucet to install in a bathroom, kitchen, bar or laundry room is often left as an afterthought or met with a scratching-of-the-head moment.  With so many choices of styles, colors, finishes, and do-dads, who’s to blame them? A good plan before wading through the scads of selections is to consider the importance of the following questions regarding your future fixture(s):

1. Is it easy to clean? If this is high on your list, look for faucets that are:

  • wall mounted
  • single handled
  • clean lined

wall mounted


cleaned lined (with cool do-dads!)

2. Is it utilitarian? If you wish to use your sink to give your baby a bath, or wash your hair or dog, my faucet favorite is:

  • the high arc pullout variety.

high arc pullout faucet

3. Is it long-lasting? If your design desire is to have a long-term relationship with your new faucet, be mindful of trendy-type fixtures (which usually have an in-style shelf-life of 5+ years), finishes (according to an article on, “Plating increases durability by adding an extra layer of protective coating” and avoids tarnishing), and the dreaded rubber sealed valve system.  Instead, opt for:

  • classic or clean-lined designs
  • solid brass electroplated with chromium, or simply, chrome finishes
  • ceramic disc cartridge

classic design

clean lines

chrome finishes

ceramic disc cartrige system

ceramic disc cartridge

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