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Sometimes our home sweet homes can be pains in the tushy. What, with all we do to beautify and make our spaces happy, we often run into challenges (cue air quotes, please) that can drive us just a little bit crazy. One example? The often-times tangled extension cord that is both maddening to unravel as much as it is to wind back up. How about our wood floors that trick us into thinking our furniture has one leg shorter than the other? No worries my friends! The following quick-tricks will smooth out these wrinkles in no time and practically for free (except tip #2…that one you’ll have to bargain hunt for or DIY). Sit back now, take notes and take heart.

Extension cord tie

Extension cord tie. source:

Shoe lace extension cord tie: want to finally do something with those leftover or unused shoe laces? To keep cables and extension cords nice and neat, tie one to one end (top photo). Knot it leaving enough length to tie around the wound cable.

Utility box birdhouse slipcover

Utility box birdhouse slipcover. source:

Utility box birdhouse slipcover: disguise an unsightly utility box with a cover made out of bead board, topped with a birdhouse. With a birdhouse and  little bit of bead-board, you can DIY one like this one yourself!

Potted plant coffee filters

Potted plant coffee filters. source:

Potted plant coffee filters: to prevent soil from falling through the drainage hole of your ceramic pots, place a coffee filter at the bottom.

Wine cork furniture stablizer

Wine cork furniture stabilizer. source:

Wine cork furniture stabilizer: here’s where wine can actually prevent the “wobblies”…with your furniture that is. Slice corks thin using a serrated bread knife, then place under the leg of a table or chair.

Adhesive hooks lid organizer

Adhesive hooks lid organizer. source:

Adhesive hooks lid organizer: a package of self-adhesive hooks, placed strategically inside a cupboard door will keep lids organized and easy-to-reach (oh, and clang-free!). Note: click on photo for how-to.

Got any tricks up your sleeve? Do tell below!

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