Tin fish

Tin fish.

This past Sunday, with lists in hand, my friend Andrea, Baby Lars and I ventured off to what is becoming a monthly “girl’s day out” to the Long Beach Antiques Flea Market. Ohhh, how I get all tingly inside as I enter the gates, my attention bouncing uncontrollably from one fabulous thing to another; I must have looked like a human bobblehead. Once I calmed down, I focused on the day’s mission: accessories to add fun to my living room space. Additionally, I donned my blogger hat and began hunting for a story. After noticing the repeated pops of oranges, greens and blues, I found one…a color story!

So often, when we’re pulling a room together, or swapping “old” or seasonal accessories or furniture for something fresh and new (and sheesh, how I can get tired of looking at that copper monkey looking at himself in the mirror!), there is sometimes a “head-scratching moment” when we’re not quite sure where to start. Designers like my new pals, the Novogratz, suggest displaying groupings of the same or similar items. As opposed to a cluster of unrelated trinkets, collections offer cohesion and a sense of intention.

You can also achieve this through color. I really love varying tones of the same shade that can connect both a single piece like a chair, stool or mirror with a new favorite art piece. To further illustrate this design choice, I’ve pulled together the following finds in a wide pallet of green. Okay, HomeJellies, withdraw some cash, write out your wishlist, and get ready to color your world!

Sea foam green wooden stool

Sea foam green wooden stool.

Sea foam green glass

Sea foam green glass.

Sea foam green painted frames

Sea foam green painted frames.

Water jug

Water jug.

Round framed mirror

Round framed mirror.

Green edged tin tray

Green edged tin tray and a whole lotta keys.

Tin toy dump truck

Tin toy dump truck.

Tufted foot stool and original artwork

Tufted foot stool and original artwork.

Bent bamboo swivel chair

Bent bamboo swivel chair.

Tool box

Tool box.

Vintage suitcase

Vintage suitcase.

Tin shelf

Tin shelf.

Mini Big Ben alarm clock

Mini Big Ben alarm clock.

Water pump

Water pump.

If you’d like more color ideas, have a look at our Color Tips For Your Home… post!

What color story would you like your home to tell?

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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