What could be worse than missing a 15 foot free throw, a three pointer, or a half court bomb just as the buzzer goes off, ending game seven of the NBA Championships? Well, actually…nothing. But, a distant second could be, to an average DIYer, the bits and pieces of ceiling dust and debris that falls into your eyes, mouth, and nose when drilling that 6-5/8 in. diameter hole for your canned lighting project, or when drilling a 1-1/4 in. space for your surround sound wires. Okay…make that a really LONG distant second.

Nevertheless, any kind of drilling in the ceiling can be hazardous and frankly, quite a mess. The solution: basketballs! I heard about a fantastic quick tip from Adam Carolla on his “Adam Carolla Podcast” a couple weeks ago.

Here’s what you do:

1. Take a basketball, vollyballand cut it in half (ah, come on, you know you’ve got that old faded, flat one somewhere laying around your garage!).

2. Take your drill and poke it from the outside of one half so it now looks like a basketball “cup” is sitting on your drill.

3. As you drill your hole, the basketball will be “cupping” the ceiling, catching any dust and debris that would have fallen on you, your face, and the room!  Note: If you don’t want to cut up your basketball, try a pie tin, a tupperware bowl, or even a used gallon ice cream carton.


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