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DiggersList teamed up with the Adam Carolla Network to redo Teresa Strasser's nursery for their hit show "The Parent Experiment!"

Watch as Pitzer creates a beautiful craftsman built-in cabinet, while Teresa Strasser keeps you entertained with her Emmy winning humor and wit she is famous for.

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Drilling in the Ceiling with Basketballs: No Gym Shorts Required

What could be worse than missing a 15 foot free throw, a three pointer, or a half court bomb just as the buzzer goes off, ending game seven of the NBA Championships? Well, actually...nothing. But, a distant second could be, to an average DIYer, the bits and pieces of ceiling dust and debris that falls into your eyes, mouth, and nose when drilling that 6-5/8 in. diameter hole for your canned lighting project, or when drilling a 1-1/4 in. space for your surround sound wires.