I’m going to assume that you’ve heard of the armchair athlete, the armchair politician, even the armchair intellect.  Well, allow me to introduce myself:  I’m the self-proclaimed armchair DIY girl.  Now, I have dabbled in small home improvement projects like patching and painting, upgrading lighting fixtures, even changed out a ballcock or two (ballcock: a mechanism for filling water tanks, such as those found in flush toilets, while avoiding overflow-Wikipedia), but I have to admit it’s a distant dream of mine to actually attempt an install like a new granite countertop, hardwood floors, or the fantasy glass tile backsplash in my hopefully-not-too-distant-future dream kitchen.

What I do know how to do, though, is watch experts help people like me do it right.  I know you’re out there, the DIY TV addicts, driving everyone else in your household crazy with the hours of home reno/repair/upgrade/improvement programs and the emotional highs of vicariously living out the shock and surprise of each show’s climax:  the reveal!

So, that being said, I thought I might “spread the love” of home improvement and give my take on the best parts of what I learn via diy shows, articles, blogs, and even my own personal experiences (I must ask you how my husband and I might solve our personal dispute with hanging pictures, shelving, mirrors, etc. with or without a level!  I must have symmetry and levelness!).

For this first blog installment (pun intended), I thought I would share a small tidbit regarding preparing your home for sale.  I saw an episode of “The Unsellables” yesterday where host Sofie Allsopp helped a bachelor and his pad make minor changes in order to sell his home after being on the market for a month and 27 viewings.

My takeaway from the show was simple:  It’s in the details.  Instead of worrying so much about major renovations (new kitchen cabinets, floors, or a complete bathroom overhaul), take a look at the details of your home like:


Baseboard replacement. source:


Home wiring. source:


Window replacement. source:

…and even paint.  When a potential buyer walks in the door, and the first thing they see are unfinished walls, exposed electrical work, or even blah paint colors (and even though these are minor repairs), according to Sofie, they’re an immediate turn-off.  We are now in a “turn-key”, “move-in-ready”, “I-want- my-popcorn-popped-in-3-minutes-not-5!” kind of buyers’ market.  I think this show’s advice is wise and clear-it’s in the details…if ya don’t fix ‘em, you’ll be liv’n with ‘em until you do!

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