This might sound crazy, some stuff in our closets can be “crumpled” in a pile and STILL be considered “organized.” What?! Did this Professional home and office organizer say that I can let some of my wardrobe be “crumpled”?

Stay with me here.

We’ve heard of the Tao of Pooh or even the original Tao of…ergh…Tao.  Tao is just a Chinese word that means “path,” “way” or simply the underlying principles of the universe.  For our purposes, how can we become “one” with the most simplest ways to use our closets now that spring has sprung?  When it comes to using our storage spaces, how can we harness the fundamental principles of the Tao of Spring Closet Organizing, letting them work for us in the most effortless ways possible?

We’re not talking about over committing to “perfection.”  Let’s set up our Spring closets to flow with our lives, rather than force our lives to fit with it. Here are some basic “Tao” or ways to simplify your spring closet organizing.

Let’s Fold Less

Everyday underwear need not be folded.  Nor do socks. Instead, use your drawers or add some open-topped bins and baskets. Especially if you purchase the same exact type of everyday undergarments and socks, you can afford to just throw the stuff into a pile in your drawer.  Here are some items to consider (so that you will never need to sit there and pair up sad lonely socks with its mate again):

  • plain white athletic socks
  • plain everyday underwear
  • separate pile for the “specialty” underwear for the ladies (or men, who knows?)
  • everyday bras or tanks

Sock bin. Do you really want to spend each week stuffing a single underwear into each slot? Or is “grab and go” more your style? Source:

I hear you yelling back at me already, “But won’t that be messy?”  We all have different degrees of tolerance for “order.”  If having your undergarments be wrinkle-free and “looking” orderly is important to you, then please take your time with them.  What I’m suggesting is there are certain things that may not need to remain wrinkle-free, especially if you’d rather spend that extra time on more important things in life like connecting with loved ones or catching up on your backlog of recorded episodes of Game of Thrones.

Let’s Simplify Winter Storage

For this Tao of Spring Closet Organizing, let’s use those extra file boxes you have laying around to contain your bulky winter sweaters and coats. I don’t know why the world does not just store everything in cardboard file boxes.  They are the Swiss Army Knife of secondary storage.  They are collapsible, so they are adaptable.  They are made of sturdy cardboard, so they can hold items that require some “breathing” room.  They are inexpensive, so they are easy on the wallet.  And they have a simple streamlined look.

Tip: If you are concerned about humidity or change of temperatures for where you store these cardboard boxes, get a pack of acid-free tissue paper to line the boxes and keep your valuable off-season clothing free from discoloration.

The Bankers Box is a standard for the office. Why not for seasonal closet storage? Source:

If you are less “utilitarian” and are concerned about the look of the boxes, The Container Store carries completely neutral, crisp white file boxes that you can customize to leave out in plain sight.

White cardboard file boxes now turned into decorative storeage you’d be proud to display. Source:

I still remember the genius photo Domino Magazine (may they rest in peace) had of this woman’s storage closet perfectly stocked with identical white file boxes.  She put different types of storage in the boxes and kept track with an elegant and easy-to-stencil numbering system.

A great, simple use of repeating rows of plain white file boxes. Source:

Let’s Gear Up for Spring Activities

Sports Gear
Spring showers bring May flowers but yoga is forever.  Use an umbrella stand or even a hefty floor vase to contain all you need for an active Spring season.  In addition to your umbrellas, store your yoga mat, baseball bats or other elongated sports gear in a sturdy umbrella stand that uses very little floor space.

This handsome stand can hold everything you need to get active for Spring. Source:

Storage can also be a statement. Alessi Blow-Up Umbrella Stand. Source:

Workout Gear
Create separate kits of a full outfit for your outdoor workouts at the beginning of the week and place them in bins or open shelving in your closet. Each kit can include a pair of socks, underwear, a top, bottom, and towel. The more accessible your workout wardrobe, the more likely you’ll actually work out.

Organized workout gear. Bins like these are perfect for “workout kits” and can be easily accessed from open or closed shelving. Source:

Really committing to that workout?  Consider investing in some inexpensive mesh bags. These are the ones my college sports department used to contain and launder our volleyball uniforms and practice clothes. I’ve always loved using them for delicates.  Why not use them for your exercise lifestyle?  This requires less time sorting through full outfits for working out. More time for fun and exercise.

These “high-capacity” wash bags would be great to store a full set of workout clothes from the closet to the washer, the dryer and back into your gym bag, ready to go. No sorting required. Source:

What other strategies have you used to transition into spring with more ease and convenience?

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