If you’ve ever heard the acronym K.I.S.S, then you’ll understand why these 5 simple tricks made our “DIY Quick-Tips” list. We love an easy solution to life’s everyday problems and with items already laying around your house, you, too can solve and avoid the most annoying of accidents, spills, messes, and even reinvent tools you can actually use for no cost at all! Now that’s a trick.

Comb as nail holder. Source:

#1. Comb as nail holder: not much to explain here. To avoid the infamous “smashed finger” scenario, simply use a comb to hold the nail in place and hammer away! Brilliantly simple.

Push pin holders. Source:

#2. Push pin holders: DIYer Chica from Chicka and Jo had to resort to using her noggin when she found herself frustrated painting the drawers of a small nightstand. They continued to stick to the protective cardboard, forcing her to have to peel off the paper, making it a pain to keep the surface nice-looking. She realized if she stuck bulletin board push pins into the bottoms, this problem would be solved. Here, Jo uses the same trick with these wooden letters…let’s just say she pinned it perfectly.

Coffee grounds in the garden. Source:

#3. Coffee grounds in the garden: most every morning we take a filter-full of coffee grounds and throw them in the garbage. Now, instead, we can throw them in the garden! According to Stuff by Cher, coffee grounds are fantastic for your plants and flowers because they…

• hold moisture

• are free!

• smell good!

• contain nitrogen-phosphate-potassium (N-P-K) and other trace minerals

• help keep slugs away from plants

• repel ants

• earthworms LOVE them

• add acidity to the soil

Drip snagger. Source:

#4. Drip Snagger: otherwise known as the “sticky floor eliminator” is fashioned out of a plastic soda bottle (or can be purchased at Current for $5.99). This cool little contraption could also work for any dispenser with a spout (coffee, tea, etc.).

Plastic milk jug watering can. Source:

#5. Plastic milk jug watering can: clever DIYer Astra from A journey to a dream. saw the reuse potential of a simple plastic milk jug. Perfect for house plants, and because of its cost-free benefits, anyone can place several throughout their house, making it oh-so-easy to keep plants and flowers hydrated. Now that’s gett’n juggie with it!

Paint can holes. Source:

BONUS Quick-TIP: Create holes in your paint cans…totally saves on overflow drippage! Here’s the how-to “deets” that will really work for all your DIY paint projects.

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