It seems today, “keeping up with the Jones” is not quite what it used to mean. With the turn in the economy, many savvy Americans (and households around the world) have turned to reducing costs without sacrificing style. With repurposing back splash ideas like these, you too can save money and still save decor “face”. In other words…Mr. and Mrs. Jones will be quite impressed.

Shipping Pallets…

Shipping pallet backsplash

Shipping pallet backsplash. Source:

…were cut into 18 inch segments, arranged to create a cool pattern with different colored wood, then adhered to the wall with liquid nails. This project cost just $60. Nice.

Tin Tiles…

Tin tiles backsplash

Tin tiles backsplash. Source:

…now adorn this rustic and antique style kitchen. AT $5 a pop, tin tiles are a very economical way to make a splash!


Yardstick backsplash

Yardstick backsplash. Source:

Yardstick backsplash next to salt and pepper shakers

Yardstick backsplash, too. Source:

…really measure up in this kitchen as they add a fun, whimsical element to a homey space.


Skateboard backsplash

Skateboard backsplash.

…are totally radical in the kitchen. Bits and pieces of broken boards were reinvented as a feature backsplash that’s perfect for the young-at-heart and for those looking to save a buck or two.

Bottle caps…

Bottle caps backsplash

Bottle caps backsplash. Source: via

…are flipp’n awesome and such a conversation piece. You just have to make a point at telling all your friends you’re collecting them…you’d be surprised at how many people will take up a collection for you! Check out our repurposed bottle caps blog for even more DIY design ideas.

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