At 3:ooam, Stephanie Thompson, freelance writer, fabulous DIY interior designer, and DiggersList friend, woke with a start.  She realized a solution to the lack of natural light in all three of her soon-to-be renovated bathrooms within her fantastic Brooklyn space.

Stephanie’s DiggersList quick tip: Install windows in interior bathrooms to allow light from exterior windows to shine through.  “Neither my downstairs powder room nor my kids’ bathroom upstairs had any natural light, being in the interior of our loft duplex. The windows, hung high downstairs to let in light but not prying eyes and frosted upstairs in the hall, did the trick,” notes Stephanie.  DiggersList Deals: Check out these listings on DiggersList for window insert deals: 1, 2, & 3.

Natural light from both the front and back of the loft streams into the glass panels of an otherwise dim interior bathroom.

Interior windows placed high in this powder room provide both natural light and privacy. Design tip: Stephanie adds extra panache with colored glass and a whimsical chalkboard wall that’s great for kids and guests.

Clever glass French doors allow exterior light access to an interior master bathroom; additionally, creating the visual effect of more space.

Visit Stephanie’s inspirational blog Gold Star 4 Trying and read this very multi-talented woman’s works.

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