5 Cool Multifunctional Furniture Pieces

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Furniture design has come a long way since the futon, the collegiate answer to both space and function, which today has been thankfully overhauled into pieces that are not only multifunctional, but beautiful as well.  Mostly modern in approach, the following designs are the tip of the creative ice burg, soon to be seen, in my opinion, in many homes, large and small.

The Wave Chaise

Photo courtesy of homedesigninterior.com.

This space-saver is just what any techie-teen dreams of: a chaise equipped with a TV, DVD, and sound system flanked by a desk and chair. There’s even storeage space for cds, dvds, video games, and books.

Sleep in an Ottoman

Photo courtesy of lucyau.com.

Overnight guests will be thrilled when you tell them they’ll be sleeping in an ottoman. Easily stored and converted, this otto-bed is a cool and stylish space solution. Comfort tip: layer mattress with a memory foam pad that can be rolled up and stored in a closet.

Gargantua Multifunctional Garden Table

Photo courtesy of tuvie.com.

The clever “Gargantuan Garden Table” considers both kids and adults with custom height-adjustable benches that accommodate 8 people and up to 12 with chairs.

Baby Bassinet/Rocker

Photo courtesy of offi.com.

Your baby will be cradled with style and comfort as she/he cuddles up in this modern multifunctional bassinet and rocker.

The Bibliochaisechair

 Photo courtesy of decomodo.com.

Book worms will be wordless at the thought of gracing their homes with this cheeky chaise, where literally, their books will always be within reach.

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Written By Skaie Knox

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