Whirligig-Black-Apothecary-CabinetWhirligigs. It’s such a silly name that actually does justice to these whatchamacallit-type wind-powered twirlers. Originally created in Europe, then keenly brought to the states by Puritans to entertain and amuse their children on tranquil Sundays, these moveable art pieces have now become a part of what we know as pure Americana. Let’s take a  tour now, of just a sample of these fun, fanning, and festive whirligigs, decor that’s wonderfully gigglicious for both the inside and outside of our homes.

Patriotic whirligig

Patriotic whirligig. Source:

{Patriotic whirligig}: hand-crafted by husband and wife whirligig makers, Ted & Barbara Alfred, this folk-art styled Uncle Sam looks to be doing his DIY part, sawing logs for an upcoming log cabin.

Cat Aviator whirligig

Cat Aviator whirligig. Source:

{Cat Aviator whirligig}: though many of the vintage and antique whirligigs can sell from hundreds to thousands of dollars, this humorous and hand-made metal “gig” can adorn your home for under $50.

DIY whirligig

DIY whirligig. Source:

{DIY whirligig}: with the help of even a gentle breeze, this wooden man gets to work as he saws through a board that firmly rests upon a saw horse. As we see, this garden charmer also adds whimsical animation to your home’s exterior personality.

Nantucket carving whirligig

Nantucket carving whirligig. Source:

{Nantucket carving whirligig}: taking things inside, this dapper, dancing Nantucketer demands attention upon the shelf.

Merman whirligig

Merman whirligig. Source:

{Merman whirligig}: dating back to circa 1880 and priced at $22,500, this is about as close as I’ll get to this beauty. The details of this piece are stunning: hand carved and painted, you’ll also notice the nail remnants along the hairline as well as the hinged tail and weather-patinated paddle arms.

Fireman whirligig

Fireman whirligig. Source:

{Fireman whirligig}: who doesn’t appreciate a fireman doing his job? Lovingly hand-made, this wind-cranked whirligig would be a fantastic addition to a child’s room (and, because of its time-honored craftsmanship, it would most likely become a family heirloom).

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